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Telescopic/Retractable Seating Client Considerations

Starena has produced a guide that outlines information that clients should be aware of when considering the purchase and installation of a retractable/telescopic seating system. This guidecovers areas of compliance to codes, construction, quality and standards. The document describes what retractable/telescopic seating stands are, and their design and basic specifications

Please be aware that these guidelines are a general introduction to retractable/telescopic seating. Every seating system is individually designed to your needs. Systems vary in height, length and use (fixed, recessed, mobile and travelling free standing). There are three methods of folding seating (manual, manual semi-auto and semi-auto) and a variety of ways that the platform can be moved. A wide range of accessories and finishes are discussed in this guide.

Download PDF - Telescopic/Retractable Seating Client Considerations

At Starena we work with you to create a seating system that matches your needs.

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